I’ve been following this for a while since my background is in photography and videography and I had hoped to use aerials to further enhance my listings.

According to the current law, it’s ok to own and fly a drone above your house or your neighbors’ and take pictures of your house for personal purposes, but if it’s done for commercial (business) purposes it is currently illegal. I can understand that untrained operators could make these drones dangerous to people on the ground, but they are not any more dangerous if they are being flown for money – it’s still the same untrained operator. As far as privacy goes, it’s ok to hire a helicopter to take you up over a property to snap some aerial real estate photos, but it’s not ok to use these small 20 pound drones?

Some firms have been hit with $10,000 fines and others have been recently subpoenaed. That’s a little too risky for me, so until the FAA figures out what to do, I’ll have to wait eagerly on the sidelines ready to fly in once/if they lift the ban.

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