I’ve been standing eagerly on the sidelines waiting to jump into the aerial photography game, and it finally looks like the FAA is beginning to define its rules regarding drones. I felt comfortable I wouldn’t be breaking any laws by snapping a few pics for my listings and went out and purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Professional. I was impressed with the automated safety and navigation features, and it also shoots clean raw photos as well as exceptional 4K video!

Most listings only show the house and its interior. Showing potential buyers more details about your home and its surroundings will help them decide if they want to take the time to personally tour your home and avoid unnecessary showings that would inconvenience you. This helps to get only the serious buyers through your door.

Of course, you will never be charged for professional photos or aerial photos if I list your home.
Here are samples of my first real estate aerial photos and notice how it enhances the listing:

Aerial Samples

And while there might be some people concerned with privacy, here’s the same house as seen publicly on Google Earth: