I just discovered you can “buy” home services through Amazon: Amazon Home Services

Apparently they’ve been doing this for a year now and are offering discounts up to 30% in celebration of their anniversary. It looks like they cover just about everything from assembly to cleaning and repair. You can even hire a mover (after I sell your home).

You can select from their hand-picked pros and they offer up to a $2,500 guarantee: Happiness Guarantee

If their guarantee process is as easy as returning items, this could become very popular. Seems very reasonable too: 5 hours of cleaning for a 4 bed, 3 ba home would be less than $200 (before a $30 discount). In comparison, the cleaning service I’ve been using would charge $350 for a similar size home.

What are they going to start selling next, real estate? I would like to know who has used this service and what the experience was like.